Indoor Plant Kingdom was created to expand the diversity of hydroponic gardening shops in the Portland area. We began growing the shop in 2009 out of a barn personally delivering equipment before moving the shop to Portland in 2010 sharing space on Anderson st. In the early fall of 2010 we moved into our latest space at 200 Anderson st unit #9. IPK has been dedicated to building a hydroponic, organic gardening supply shop with a strong connection to our community. We've been supporting the local arts since we've started and have built a wonderful collection of murals down at the store & do batches of hand printed organic shirts & apparel from local artist designs. IPK has its roots in Portland and we're honored to be able to do business in such a wonderful city and state.
We're thankful to be working along side a strong community of conscious business's & missions that are spreading in Portland and around the state and we'll continue to reach out our hands to connect with our community and serve as a resource. A large of part of our team is our customers and friends that support IPK; these are the people who will be the driving force in the evolution of Indoor Plant Kingodm. IPK is here to assist in all your growing needs so please continually give us your imput as to how we can improve your shop!