Fresca Sol Plantinum

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    Fresca Sol Plantinum offers more flower for your power. These innovative water-cooled fixtures are engineered to take 93% of the heat produced from your HPS bulbs and transfer it through water to a designated cooling reservoir. This cooling allows you to place the light closer to the plant canopy, meaning you can run a lower wattage bulb to produce the same growth. Fresca Sol Plantinum features:

    • Wider light spread 33% longer
    • Uni-gasket design for long lasting seal
    • Fits most* 6" and 8" air-cooled reflectors
    • Fits 1000, 600, or two 400 watt bulbs
    • Cord set sold separately
    • Brass inlets
    • Wing nuts for easy assembly and cleaning no tools required
    • Hard anodized billet aluminum end plates
    • Every unit hand tested in America
    • Increases reds and blues by 5%
    • Less watts = less cooling = a lot less power consumption
    • Chillers are up to 35% more efficient than A/C
    • In cooler climates can be ran with Heat X tractors

    *Fits air-cooled: Radiant 6" or 8", Xtrasun 6" or 8"

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