Loose Fill 2CF Bag

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    Learn more about STG by watching their instructional videos at http://www.suretogrow.com/video/

    STG Loose Fill can be used to fill - Bato Buckets, Dutch Pots, Grow Bags, Net Pots, Stacking Vertical System Growing Tubes and Nursery Pots.

    Designed as a superior alternative to loose media and granulated products, including
    Granulated rockwool
    Coir, perlite, vermiculite 
    Expanded clay, clay balls, grow rocks The STG Advantage

    Lightweight - lighter than granulated rockwool (rockwool granulate weighs 3#/sq ft - use this for your calculation) Sterile, clean and hygienic
    Optimal aeration and water retention
    Quicker germination and better yields
    PH neutral
    No conditioning or pre-soaking
    No salt build-up
    Significantly lower freight costs
    Requires a fraction of storage space

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