MycoMaximum 8 oz.

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    Not for sale in Hawaii

    Myco Maximum Granular contains 8 species of growth-enhancing mycorrhizal fungi, proprietary ingredients, 12 strains of beneficial bacteria, and 2 Trichoderma species.

    Adds organic matter and helps to break down nutrients and micro-nutrients present in your growing medium or soil which are necessary for plants throughout their life cycles.

    Increase the surface-absorbing area of the roots from 10-10,000 times, greatly improving the ability of plants to grow, fruit and flower by forming an intricate web that captures and assimilates nutrients and water for the plant.


    Glomus aggregatum 8 spores per cc
    Glomus intraradices 8 spores per cc
    Glomus mosseae 8 spores per cc
    Glomus entunicatum 8 spores per cc
    Glomus monosporum 2 spores per cc
    Glomus deserticola 2 spores per cc
    Glomus clarum 2 spores per cc
    Trichoderma koningii 187,000 spores per cc
    Trichoderma harzianum 187,000 spores per cc
    Bacillus subtillus 50,000 cfu/cc
    Bacillus licheniformis 50,000 cfu/cc
    Bacillus azotoformans 50,000 cfu/cc
    Bacillus megaterium 50,000 cfu/cc
    Bacillus coagulans 50,000 cfu/cc
    Bacillus pumilis 50,000 cfu/cc
    Bacillus polymyxa 50,000 cfu/cc
    Sachromyces cervisiae 50,000 cfu/cc
    Streptomyces griseus 50,000 cfu/cc
    Streptomyces lydicus 50,000 cfu/cc
    Pseudomonas aurofaceans 50,000 cfu/cc
    Pseduomonas fluorescence 50,000 cfu/cc

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