T5 High Performance 4 Foot System

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    Includes Reflector, Hardware, T5 Strip and Tube

    Connect up to 8 units into a daisy chain!

    The T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit includes uniquely designed hardware that allows you to link multiple reflectors together. Now you can easily create a light configuration tailored to suit your specific growing area. The T5 Kit fits most T5 fluorescent grow lights and includes special "linking" hardware.

    • Super reflective interior finish directs more light energy to your plants
    • Increases efficiency of any T5 Grow Light
    • Hang it any way you like; use it as a center light, down light, or side light
    • Daisy chain up to 8 units and connect in numerous configurations

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    When germinating seeds, the fixture can be kept just inches away from the seeds (or humidity dome). After sprouting, keep the fixture 3-6" away from the plant canopy.

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